As a small charity made up mostly of volunteers, we are able to keep our overall overhead costs down and can apply the majority of the funds and donations we receive to the places where it is needed the most.

“Anonymous Child” describes the children whose identities are not only unknown to us – in the collective sense – but also to those in their imminent communities. Children who are often forgotten and left behind as the world around them develops and progresses. For us, these children have no names or faces, but are reduced to statistics and numbers we see everyday in the news and reports. We want to give the under-represented and marginalized a voice, so they can be the force for good for future generations.


“I have travelled to some of the most captivating places – places that inspire our imagination and Wanderlust. I have climbed Kilimanjaro, crossed Vietnam from North to South with my backpack, stayed with Buddhist monks in the Himalayas, and explored the Amazonas in Peru. But every time I returned home to the comforts of my life, the same thoughts kept hunting me: How unfair the world is. How opportunities and fortunes are distributed so unequally. And how fortunate, in contrast, I was in growing up in a country with an abundance of opportunities and options. That’s why I founded Anonymous Child – I wanted to give back, contribute my part to leave a better world behind, and afford opportunities to others that are less fortunate. I believe that education can arm younger generations with the tools to lift themselves out of poverty. It enables communities to self-nurture, develop and sustain, which supports long-term progress while helping to redress social inequalities.”
Georg is currently a senior investment banker at Credit Suisse in New York where he focuses on advising corporate and private equity clients on leveraged finance, mergers and acquisitions, and other capital markets transactions. Born and raised in Germany, Georg has spent over a decade in global finance with stints in New York, London, and Frankfurt where he worked for some of the largest investment banks. In addition, Georg serves on the Board and as Treasurer of the Center for Urban Community Services (CUCS), a charity focused on fighting homelessness in New York City. Georg is also a member of the American Council on Germany, the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP), and was awarded the Millennium Fellowship at the Atlantic Council and a Fellowship at the Economic Club of New York.
Photo of Paul
Paul Müller
Paul co-founded Anonymous Child and currently leads the charity’s efforts in Germany.
An engineer by training, Paul has worked for some of the largest automotive companies in the world including Volkswagen and Audi. Currently, he is a safety engineer at BMW in Munich overseeing the development and implementation of BMW’s autonomous driving efforts. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, following technology and manufacturing trends, aviation, listening to music or podcasts and last but not least driving forward the expansion of Anonymous Child to give back to the society.
“When I finished school, my professional and educational background opened up an entire world of opportunities; it was clear to me that high quality education shouldn’t be a privilege only reserved to the richest corners of the world. It is the key to build a future for everyone anywhere. When Georg approached me to start Anonymous Child, there was no question in my mind to join him on this path. We have come a long way and built a great team that shares the mindset to bring about change and hope to young children and adolescents around the world.”

Meet the team

Allison Margis
For the last 15 years I have been fortunate enough to work for some wonderful non-profit organizations including eight years with Special Olympics San Diego County. In 2015, I was given the opportunity to organize 50,000 volunteers to assist at the Special Olympics Summer World Games in Los Angeles. In preparing for the arrival of athletes from around the globe the disparities between delegations became apparent. When I was approached by a friend to help with Anonymous Child, and after learning about the mission of the organization I knew I wanted to be a part of the progress.
eva maria baumer
Mayra Jimenez
Photo of Alexia
Alexia Karavis
I have always felt uncomfortable with the disparity across our world. The quality of lives of too many is diminished by systemic inequality and factors beyond their control. Education is a critical key to combatting poverty and breaking the cycle. And I feel that we can all play a part in bettering the lives of others. I am here, with Anonymous Child, to do my bit.
Sebastian Mosqueira
Jorge Sandoval
For over 10 years now, I’ve been involved with different communities and organizations that are in the process of helping our society to become aware of sustainable development issues. In order to expand the positive impact I could have, I joined AC. I believe that education is one of most important pilars of any program and that working with children is the best way to achieve any goal. We may not be able to help everyone in the world, but if we each help a few, we will all benefit.
David Boymanns
I have had the opportunity to travel to many countries that have inspired me, impressed me and always made me reflect. Many things that we consider normal are not so in other countries. After Paul told me about Anonymous Child and their activities in Peru, I immediately decided to support the charity financially. In addition, it was also a chance to actively participate and so I started to create a modern basis for the new website.
Moritz Heite
My first charity activities started during my university studies when five friends of mine and I joint a charity rallye to support several charity projects in Jordan. Driven by the experience of meeting people in a refugee camp at the Syrian border and getting to know their needs I joint further charity projects. As a colleague of Paul I got to know Anonymous Child and was catched by the purpose of bringing high quality education to people in need. That is why I joint Anonymous Child in 2018.
Judith Maigler
During my studies, I had the opportunity to travel to many countries, including very poor countries. A year abroad in Indonesia with several visits to Southeast Asian countries and several months in Central and South America showed me how children grow up in these countries and how big the social imbalance is. It made me very sad to see that these children do not have the same opportunities as we do. Education in particular can be a game changer for children from poor backgrounds and provide a way out of poverty. That is why I support Anonymous Child, to give children a chance for a better life.
Sebastian Mosqueira
I was born and raised in Peru. Throughout the years I’ve seen how lack of education affected many families across the country. But I have also had the opportunity to see how educational initiatives changed the lives of children and their families. I have seen first handed how small ideas to promote education transformed into full-fledged programs that are already making an impact in Peru’s population. And that is why I joined Anonymous Child. I believe we can change the lives of children and families by providing a scalable after-school program that will nurture hard and soft skills.
Alen Amini
Alen is a former educator in the rural US and is committed to increasing educational opportunities globally. Alen Amini is a management consultant at Boston Consulting Group, and the executive director of WiderNet, a nonprofit organization that provides information access to people lacking reliable internet via its eGranary Digital Library. Born in Ohio, Amini was a math teacher and vice principal in Arkansas. Amini is a Council on Foreign Relations term member and was a Fulbright scholar.
Photo of Dina
Dina Lorentz
Years of banking business and one day you realize, this can’t be all in life. I had my life changing moment years back, when I constantly thought about a change. But what change..? I traveled around the world, visited many places, but when I came to Peru it was love at first sight. The people, the culture, the joy to live life at its fullest – even with a little as some people have. Inspiring! These moments triggered my wish to give something back and use my experience and professional background to work with people on the ground – AC Peru was one answer!