About uS

We are a young charity made up of volunteers, all wanting to make a difference in this world. We want to inspire and instill passion in other people to get involved, believe and to drive positive change in our societies and communities – one step at time.

As a small charity made up mostly of volunteers, we are able to keep our overall overhead costs down and can apply the majority of the funds and donations we receive to the places where it is needed the most.

“Anonymous Child” describes the children whose identities are not only unknown to us – in the collective sense – but also to those in their imminent communities. Children who are often forgotten and left behind as the world around them develops and progresses. For us, these children have no names or faces, but are reduced to statistics and numbers we see everyday in the news and reports. We want to give the under-represented and marginalized a voice, so they can be the force for good for future generations.



I have travelled to some of the most captivating places – places that inspire our imagination and dreams of adventure. I climbed Kilimanjaro in Tanzania with the Massai tribe, crossed Vietnam from North to South with my backpack, stayed with Buddist monks in the Himalayas, and spent a month travelling Peru.

But every time I returned from my travels to the comforts of my life, the same thought re-emerged: How unfair the world is. How opportunities and fortunes are distributed so unequally. And how fortunate, in contrast, I was in growing up in a loving home in a country with an abundance of opportunities and options.

That’s why I founded Anonymous Child – I wanted to give back, contribute my part to leave a better world behind,  and afford opportunities to others that are less fortunate than I was. I believe that education can arm younger generations with the tools to lift themselves out of poverty. It enables communities to self-nurture, develop and sustain, which supports long-term progress while helping to redress social inequalities.

Paul Müller

Paul has co-founded Anonymous Child. Leading the operations in Germany and while bringing the vision of AC to Germany he found fantastic accompany in Germany to share the charities vision. As safety expert for autonomous Driving he deals with the things in vehicles that by all engineering perfection still could go wrong. Therefore he develops solutions and evaluates the resulting risk to the user. Before joining BMW he was working at Audi and VW. In his freetime he enjoys family life and friends, following tech trends, craftsmanship, aviation, listening to music or podcasts and last but not least developing AC to give something back to the society: “when I finished school with the world of options for a life fulfilling and exciting profession it was clear from day one that education shouldn’t be a privilege to the 1st world. It is the key to build a future anywhere. When Georg approached me to found Anonymous Child there was no question for me to join him along this path. And now, working digital with great people worldwide that share the same mindset to bring some hope of change to young children for their future is any extra hour worth it.”

Meet the team

dina lorentz

eva maria baumer

Mayra Jimenez

smaranda costa


David Boymanns

I have had the opportunity to travel to many countries that have inspired me, impressed me and always made me reflect. Many things that we consider normal are not so in other countries. After Paul told me about Anonymous Child and their activities in Peru, I immediately decided to support the charity financially. In addition, it was also a chance to actively participate and so I started to create a modern basis for the new website.